Periodically, a witness will come forward with a plastic baggie that contains a hair (or a few hairs) that they think may belong to sasquatch. After the hair is tested, it is often found to be from a known animal.

For educational purposes, we have set up a gallery with photos of animal hairs. As you can see, it's relatively easy to identify an animal by studying its hair under a microscope. DNA testing cannot be done on a hair unless there is a root ball present. Most naturally shed hairs do not have a root ball attached to them. So a microscope is the most common tool used in hair identification.

If a hair is suspected to be of unknown, or sasquatch, origin, of course there wouldn't be a reference hair to compare it to. If it didn't match up with any known species, it would be classified as 'unknown'. If there were enough of these "unknowns" to compare with each other, perhaps we might see that some of these unknown hairs match one another.

We will be including articles on the proper methods of hair collection and storage as well.



Brown Bear


Fruit Bat

Fur Seal


Wild Dog

California Sea Lion

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