OSR Membership

Please join our public forum, Ontario Sasquatch/OWFR Forum, so we can get to know you, before applying for membership.

Membership to OSR is open to adult residents of Ontario only. *Please note: We do not accept members from outside of the province.

You may be a good candidate for membership if you have enthusiasm, commitment, and a desire for knowledge. One must believe that sasquatch is a flesh and blood creature, with no special or paranormal abilities other than an uncanny ability to avoid humans. An old Chinese proverb states that the most intelligent creature is the one that can avoid contact with humans.
Particular skills or experience may be an advantage in sasquatch research, but are not a pre-requisite to membership. Some of these skills are survival training, photography, animal tracking, trapping, hunting, camping, anthropology, zoology, primatology, military, law enforcement, medical, evidence collection, computer/internet research, and any skills that would assist a person in the wilderness. A skeptical, analytical mindset as well as meticulous attention to detail are helpful.

At Ontario Sasquatch, we have high standards for selecting members. We need to ensure that all investigators approach this subject in the same way. We also need to be able to trust the people we are working with, since we may be going out into the field together in situations where we are depending upon each other, perhaps even for our survival. Those wishing to join OS Field Trips into remote areas should be in good physical condition. If you do not wish to join remote expeditions for whatever reason, you may still have skills and experience that will benefit both you and the group.

Many First Nations Communities have a long history of encounters with sasquatch. OS has both FN members and connections to FN communities. Anyone who is a member of an FN Community, or who has connections with FN groups, is most welcome at Ontario Sasquatch.

We require that members join using their real names. Besides your name and contact information, we will ask you to tell us your experience related to this field, and your approach and attitudes toward the subject. All of the information you provide is strictly confidential and is not used for any other purpose than to tell us who you are. As members, we all agree not to share information about each other with anyone outside of the group.

New applicants are voted in by a majority of the membership. New members have full voting rights and have the ability to participate in all OS activities. We expect new members to be active and participate at our private members-only forum. This is important so that existing members can get to know the new member.

We have a Code of Ethics which clearly spells out to the membership what is expected and what is not acceptable. We also have a policy for dealing with the media.

Witnesses and Confidentiality: 
OS has very strict guidelines with respect to the confidentiality and privacy of witnesses. All OS investigators have to agree to this as a condition of membership. OS does not divulge private information about witnesses or sighting locations to anyone outside the OS group. OS members may not approach witnesses with the intent of producing a documentary, or any type of TV, film, or radio production. OS Members may not discuss any private information in a blog or in a print publication.

Ontario Sasquatch strives to set high standards of interviewing and publishing of reports. The OS Witness Interview Form is very thorough and OS investigators are required to conduct detailed investigations. OS also has high standards of evidence collection, using the best methods available. The same high standards apply to which reports are published on our website. Not all reports will be published if they do not meet the standard.

We approach this subject with a great deal of skepticism. We don’t see evidence of sasquatch in every tree twist, rock pile, or bedding area. We expect our investigators/members to all be on the same page in this regard.

If you are interested in volunteering your skills, experience, and knowledge, and are considering joining Ontario Sasquatch as a member or field investigator, please join our public forum, Ontario Sasquatch/OWFR Forum.

Please be advised that membership does not entitle you, as a Member, to represent Ontario Sasquatch, (OS) in any legally binding manner, without exception, or to incur any debt, liability, or any other legal responsibility on behalf of OS.

OS is a private, non-profit, volunteer research group and reserves the right to decline applications without prejudice, or explanation.

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